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This is Ari. On this informal page of the combimouse website, I am going to occasionally post random notes and status updates.

why has it taken so long and why is the combimouse still not available for sale
There are a few reasons.

Firstly it is only recently that technology has reached a point where the combimouse is now feasible. It is critical for the right unit to be as light as possible. To achieve this it needs to run off one AAA battery and so current consumption needs to be very low to get a reasonable battery life of say 4 months. With recent technology imrovments this is now possible.

Another reason is that in the past the right unit was just too heavy. After a few hours of use my hand would get tired. I have now reduced the mass to below 106 grams and mass is no longer an issue.

We are based in Perth Australia and it is difficult raising funding here. But that is good because the combimouse hasn't really worked well up until now. So now we are actively looking for funding.



25 May 2021
I have a fully working prototype and working on the next generation prototype to improve the battery life from a few weeks to better than 4 months. Also hope to reduce the mass of the right unit. It currently is 106 grams including battery - this is the same as the Apple Magic Mouse.

June 2011
We have made great progress on the design of the combimouse and it now works extremely well. We are now actively looking to find an investor to help us manufacture the combimouse. The right unit is now just as mobile as a normal mouse and works just as well as a normal mouse. It has taken a long time to achieve this.

February 2004 - Usability study - Wichita State University
A first prototype combimouse was tested for usability by Wichita State University.Click here to view the report.

September 2003 - Winner- Australian ITSecrets competition
combimouse was selected as a winner in the Australian IT Secrets competition.

The award was presented to combimouse CEO Ari Zagnoev by the Australian Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston.

Click here to view the certificate.

January 1999
The combimouse was invented and patented by CEO Ari Zagnoev.



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