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Confidential Combimouse Developments - 28 May 2015



Project Plan

Combimouse Funding

What’s it like using the Combimouse?

Combimouse key layout and variations to support international options

Gaming on the Combimouse

What should the Combimouse sell for?

Should we make a Left Handed version Combimouse?

Scroll solutions for the Combimouse

Even with touch devices there is a huge market for Combimouse


Other Blogs

Combimouse forces correct typing posture - 31 May 2016

Using the unused half of the split space bar for backspace on Combimouse - 30 May 2016

Is the Right Combimouse too long - 4 Jan 2015

Confidential Prototype Work

Working on Combimouse Prototype (2013-2014). Status on 18 Aug 2014.

The Combimouse Story

Combimouse Design Evolution

Competitors (Updated 9 Jan 2015)

Combimouse Prototypes Over the Years

Printing the Combimouse plastic using 3D printing is not possible

Why not use Bluetooth



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